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changelog 4.6.11 => 4.6.12

  • MID-76 Chore: more info on message move and failures
  • BM-18207 Fix: duplicate meeting in shared calendar

changelog 4.6.10 => 4.6.11

  • BM-17868 Fix: mapi description encoding
  • BM-18193 Fix: pg_restore may fail because of telegraf
  • BM-18185 Fix: missing link in Teams invitation
  • Chore: retry to autodiscover when 503 from upstream

changelog 4.6.9 => 4.6.10

  • [mapi] BM-18157 Fix: PidTagHtml from embedded message may have '\n' instead of '\r\n' for new lines
  • [mapi] BM-18101 Chore: use the real transport headers (at the cost of one more api/cyrus call)
  • [dataprotect] BM-16616 Fix: do not create inotify watchers for dataprotect directory data that will not change
  • [mapi] BM-18080 Fix: do not limit content table max size to 10k & raise core limit on email search (using ES scrolls).
  • [perf] Chore: there's is no need to keep changelog entries for replication probe actions. It is only designed to track cyrus replication latency.
  • [tbird] FACTORFX-594 Fix: detection of login page redirect
  • Fix: fix cherry-pick that only builds with vertx4
  • [mapi] Fix: use the same monitor root when we add other monitors to an handle
  • [metrics] Chore: move tracking of sync issues, add gauge for mapi notification monitors
  • [mapi] Chore: reduce the size of the monitor objects used for cleanup of eventbus consumers. Add /debug/monitors & /debug/monitors/by_context/:sid debug endpoints
  • [mapi] Chore: reduce session caches expireAfterAccess policy to 6min instead of one hour to avoid large number of stale sessions
  • BM-18048 Fix: BasicAuthHandler returns http 503 if core is not running
  • [tbird] BM-17480 Fix: file chooser is back for tbird 91
  • BM-18102 Fix: t_conversation must have a unique not null constraint to be pg_repack'ed
  • BM-18100 fix: pg_repack was in conflict with pg_dump

changelog 4.6.8 => 4.6.9

  • BM-18097 Fix: loop on t_message_body_purge_queue update
  • [mapi] Chore: publish (instead of sending) active contexts to trace leak contexts
  • [mapi] Fix npe adapting Outlook dlist with contact member not found
  • [migrate] Feat: ex-migration-tool, add option to migrate PST mails in a target folder of BlueMind mailbox
  • [mapi] BM-18043 Fix: memory exhausted with bodies & parts created by outlook
  • [mapi] Chore: context notifications expiration
  • [mapi] BM-17886 Fix: wingpg module support
  • [metrics] Chore: track netty native memory
  • [mapi] BM-18076 Fix: NPE with recurring event
  • BM-18065 Fix: cyrus index check on separate server
  • BM-18066 Fix: mail-application preference is not set

changelog 4.6.7 => 4.6.8

  • [cyrus] AID-328 Fix: can't remove mailbox
  • BM-18054 Fix: duplicated ContentIds for signature/disclaimer
  • BM-18055 Fix: can't create videoconference

changelog 4.6.6 => 4.6.7

  • BM-17866 Fix: manage visio access using existing role
  • BM-17730 Fix: Widget creator must return the built element
  • Fix: try to make fai container checks less error-prone
  • Feat: MAPI check tool imp: get server, email and auth from autodiscover and MAPI session
  • BM-18027 Fix: unsuspend users
  • Chore: do not let indexing exceptions end up in System.err and bm-core.output which is not rotated
  • BM-18046 fix: when removing a mailbox, don't fail if the mailbox is already planned for removal
  • [mapi] BM-18041 Fix: ensure mapi_fai container exists on every new logon
  • [mapi] BM-18035 Fix: don't force event sequence to one
  • [mapi] MID-39 Fix: don't apply read state for message in draft folder
  • BM-17944 Fix: don't assume a multipart mail if it contains images
  • BM-17933 Fix: outlook, duplicate in room searching screen
  • BM-18022 Fix: fix GetIcsProtocol
  • Fix: s/sam/sat to fix working days
  • MID-63 Fix: delete meeting on shared calendar
  • BM-18014 Fix: reject send mail as external user
  • MID-58 Fix: meeting forward, if organizer is external, send as logged user
  • [mapi] BM-17998 Fix: skip series attachments on exception proposal

changelog 4.6.5 => 4.6.6

  • chore: upgrade elasticsearch server to 6.8.22
  • chore: upgrade target platform: elasticsearch-client 6.8.22, and sentry without unused JndiLookup.class triggering false positive in bad log4shell detectors
  • [mapi] COAX-756 Fix: impossible to read calenda
  • MID-60 Fix: delay between notification and creation in organizer calendar
  • ORIX-72 Fix: curl command fail on second execution
  • [mapi] COAX-754 Fix: rate limit item notifications to 1/sec per owner+container
  • [api] BM-18000 Fix: bump api client maven deps to match what we really use

changelog 4.6.4 => 4.6.5

  • BM-15781 Fix: add shared calendar support
  • Imp: speed up hollow write cycles
  • [mapi] BM-17899 Fix: sync issues on recurring event exception
  • [mail-api] BM-17991 Fix: ensure filenames are properly encoded
  • BM-17989 Fix: update LDAP domain root on domain update
  • BM-17988 Fix: direct upgrade from BlueMind 3.5
  • [mapi] BM-17833 Fix: sender when replying from shared mailbox
  • [mapi] Chore: add details to requests.log for PermissionTable calls
  • [mapi] BM-17877 Feat: command line tool to check Outlook mapi profile
  • [security] BM-17982 Fix: explicitely disable log4shell in our bundled elasticsearch. It was not vulnerable because the bundled JVM was recent enough. Other BlueMind components do not use log4j.
  • MID-58 Fix: forward meeting created externally
  • [mapi] Imp: GetMailTips & GetServiceConfiguration EWS endpoints
  • [mapi] Chore: missing error handling for event bus failures when handling request chunks
  • BM-17375 Fix: AC menu should not be displayed
  • BM-17974 Fix: bm-cli return code
  • Fix: /input/ URL routing
  • BM-17953 Fix: archived mail is not backed up
  • [rhel] Fix: bmprofile on rhel7
  • [mapi] Fix: 365-like ews resolveNames responses
  • [tbird] Fix: send legacy connector if webext connector is downloaded from tbird 68

changelog 4.6.3 => 4.6.4

  • BM-17937 Fix: cannot configure account full + visio
  • [bm-cli] BM-17936 Fix: bad email address members with argument --resolved-members
  • BM-17929 Fix: use a taskref for long running server calls
  • [core] when sending an in-memory buffer, split it into 64k chunks to avoid a big direct mem allocation from ahc
  • [mapi] Fix: reduce attachments and EML copies to JVM memory to let outlook send a 500mb message to the smtp servers
  • [mapi] Fix: do not load in jvm heap attachments written through "RopWriteStream + backing file" when saving them

changelog 4.6.2 => 4.6.3

  • BM-17909 Fix: ignore deleted EAS devices
  • [webmail] BM-17902 Fix: missing video widget in old webmail banner
  • BM-17901 Fix: invalid videoconf link
  • BM-17906 Fix: quota calculation
  • COAX-733 Imp: sync logs
  • BM-17898 Fix: duplicate key during 3.5 => 4 migration
  • BM-17910 Fix: conversationService inaccessible
  • BM-17897 Fix: re-check cyrus index after reconstruct
  • BM-17883 Fix: set formatedName to null if no displayName defined
  • [mapi] BM-17875 Fix: infinite loop on RopFastTransferSourceCopyMessages
  • [mapi] BM-17882 Fix: prevent broken sync when multiple outlook are connected to same profile
  • [mapi] BM-17894 Fix: bad EX recipient format in RopModifyRecipient
  • BM-17896 Fix: containerChangeEventProducer timing
  • BM-17893 Fix: failure on LDAP/AD job if group member not found
  • BM-17878 Fix: domain address books missing
  • [eas] BM-17821 Fix: memory error on html => text conversion
  • COAX-486 Fix: eas contact birthday/anniversary date format
  • BM-17801 Fix: duplicated standard folders

changelog 4.6.1 => 4.6.2

  • [mapi] BM-17863 Fix: prevent copying attachments into jvm memory when building sync streams
  • Fix upgrade path: ERROR: column "removed" of relation "t_message_body_purge_queue" already exists
  • chore: Upgrade to PostgreSQL 12.9
  • BM-17853 Feat: add bm-cli hotupgrade 'logtail' command, 'progress --details' and 'start --planned' options
  • BM-17851 Fix: extends LoggingTaskMonitor to allow choosing log level and ITasksManager to specify a logger
  • BM-17851 Fix: fail hot upgrade tasks when their time estimation trigger an exception
  • BM-17862 Fix: don't create deferred action container for system users
  • BM-17864 Fix: bullseye subscription
  • BM-17780 Fix: mailbox index maintenance, skip if no shards found
  • [migrate] Imp: ex-migration-tool, migrate signed and encrypted messages
  • EORIS-149 Fix: StarLeaf meeting infos
  • BM-17820 Fix: check all folders for incompatible cyrus versions
  • BM-17813 Fix: adapt inline event images
  • BM-17819 Fix: don't try to add categories to resource calendar events

changelog 4.6.0 => 4.6.1

  • [mapi] Fix: PidName declared as ascii do not work as we only index name & set
  • FEATBL-1557 [MailApp] Fix: update date separators when a new day has come
  • BM-17793: fix databases corrupted by bad upgrade from BlueMind 3.5 to BlueMind 4.5.0 or less
  • Fix: don't crash in case of non-existing Pids
  • BM-17797 Fix: restore dialog only display options when browser in french
  • BM-17798 Fix: don't run LDAP import if disabled
  • [mapi] bugfix: allow outlook 365 to download big folder hierarchies
  • [mapi] bugfix: fix mapi compression: we need to compress soHandleTable
  • [mapi] chore: avoid listing too many folders in debug print
  • BM-17788 Fix: html body, keep original encoding
  • fixup 1ec617243f6bc6ae09ac34b39b3e7d1e076f6e22: missing import
  • BM-17788 Fix: body can be null
  • MID-50 Fix: mapi, recipient address as mailto
  • BM-17807 [MailApp] Fix: display message body even if event is not found
  • BM-17799 Fix: replace Bluemind by BlueMind
  • BM-17799 Fix: use an i18n key for '- BlueMind' string
  • BM-17814 Fix: response to a GET FULLMAILBOX call when conversations are not available yet
  • [mapi] BM-17741 Fix: saving contact

BlueMind 4.6.0

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