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Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.

API changes

  • IContainers: listSubscriptions, userSubscriptions, subscribe et unsubscribe have been removed
  • IContainersManagement: subscribe, unsubscribe have been removed
  • IUserSubscription is now used to manage user subscriptions (listSubscriptions, subscribe et unsubscribe)

Outlook connector compatibility

The BlueMind server checks the Outlook connector version, and will return a 409 conflict error if the version is not supported.

This error will be resolved when the Outlook server will be automatically updated. This update can also be triggered manually by installing the new connector.

Hotfix 3.5.7-5

  • UDL-199 Fix: take admin permission flag into account during migration
  • BM-12767 Fix: can't add external calendar
  • BM-12779, BM-12780 Imp: addressbook queries optimizations
  • Chore: calendar autocomplete uses light containers

Hotfix 3.5.7-4

BlueMind 3.5.7-4 has underwent an optimimzation effort, in addition to several fixes. We strongly recommend this upgrade!

  • BM-12700 Fix: Outlook sync issues after a copy/paste of an appointment during sync
  • BM-12758 Fix: never fail webmail send_message because of a contact collect issue
  • BM-12759 Fix: migration did not filter group member container with container type = addressbook
  • BM-12749 Fix: contacts sanitizer group issue
  • BM-12744 Fix: database maintenance operations cause a core service restart
  • Chore: invalidate all domain settings cache when global settings are changed
  • BM-12743 Fix: drag and dropping a message doesn't work in webmail
  • UDL-201 Fix: update postfix map if needed after LDAP sync
  • BM-12728 Fix: incorrect sockjs handling
  • [perf] DomainSettingsService.get() is 9% of our auth process when ldap plugin is enabled
  • [perf] don't sudo for login when we already have the user in hand
  • [perf] ReminderJob accounts for 71% of Containers.all(query) calls
  • [perf] Chore: cache email to uid in cti service
  • UDL-194 Fix: lookup mailbox by name instead of email
  • UDL-195 Fix: don't limit initial calendar search
  • UDL-203 Fix: send Thunderbird updates with a buffer of 50
  • BM-12704 Fix: calendar display on IE11
  • BM-12729 Imp: webmail performance on building imap tree for account with many folders
  • BM-12728 Fix: allow unidirectional requests
  • BM-12727 Fix: incorrect cyrus configuration during upgrade
  • UDL-197 Fix: don't manage BlueMind mailbox Quota if LDAP attribute is not present
  • BM-12680 Fix: encoding error when indexing a message
  • TLIB-570 Fix: secure user api
  • BM-12722 Fix: update offline sync status in settings
  • UMTP3-44 Fix: auth failure when the two Thunderbird app tabs reload at the same time
  • Thunderbird 57 support

Hotfix 3.5.7-3

  • ACMS-261 Imp: performance with caching AclStore results and ysnp core/locator requests
  • INSAT-152 Fix: favour fast consumers to avoid timeouts
  • INSAT-150, INSAT-152 Fix: don't run slow auth code inside vertx eventloops
  • BM-12611 Fix: only notify container observers for INBOX changes
  • BM-12683 Fix: don't display accounts as simple accounts in subscription management console

Hotfix 3.5.7-2

  • COM-16 Fix: arbitrary disconnections from webmail
  • BM-12685 Fix: allow POP authentication with alias

Hotfix 3.5.7-1

  • BM-12671 Fix: nginx not ready for setup wizard after upgrade



  • ALTR-359 Fix: synchronize composer font sizes and webmail default font size
  • ALWAY-128 Fix: If no identity available, use default user email
  • BM-11769, BM-11771 Fix: right-click contextual menu issues
  • BM-12303 Fix: can't subscribe to a container from a mail
  • BM-12465 Fix: signature position in reply messages
  • BM-12468 Fix: ES servers cluster support
  • BM-12533: only prompt a line by contact (with default e-mail) in compose view
  • BM-8302 Fix: support link with \0 character
  • TEICEE-28 Fix: missing language files for webmail composer
  • UDL-154 Fix: phone icon display in mail list
  • BM-12327 Fix: dual screen open window position
  • BM-9678 Fix: send notification with matching identity instead of default


  • BM-10152 Fix: red line corresponding to current time in calendar gets updated
  • BM-11609 Fix: do not show private changes popup on readonly events
  • BM-12083 Fix: correctly display recurring event with millisecond precision
  • BM-12284 Fix: calendar yellow background and red bar gets updated on day change
  • BM-12291 Fix: check availability in freebusy component
  • BM-12294 Imp: avoid state reset on each update
  • BM-12304 Fix: do not re-send previous response comment when accepting an event from webmail
  • BM-12457 Fix: JS Logger must not throw an exception if rest client is not ready
  • UDL-176 Fix: make setTime method be aware of DST on Date object
  • GLAG-187 Fix: limit result size


  • BM-11220 Fix: user-selected style was blocking rich text editor focus on safari browser

Instant messaging

  • UDL-173 Fix: Add email field to suggestion


  • ALTR-364 Fix: add missing css to the standalone editor
  • BM-12350 Fix: user cannot be unsubscribed from is "default" addressbook

Outlook connector

  • BM-12375, BM-12537 Fix: sync issues (MAPI_E_OBJECT_CHANGED, "invalid value of instance")
  • BM-12529 Fix: Support ics reply with a recurid without time
  • COAX-429 Fix: do not delete outlook default contact/cal/task folder if sync is disabled in BM
  • COAX-440 Fix: compute max attach size
  • FILEC-7 Fix: outlook date with timezone different from local computer conversion
  • REFLEX-74 Fix: do not import outlook appointments in BM on first sync
  • REFLEX-74 Fix: expired invitation sent to contacts

Thunderbird connector

  • BM-12292 Fix: allow websocket for Calendar and Task tab
  • BM-12411, BM-12538 Fix: support old thunderbird esr-38, and new 57
  • BM-12514 Fix: calendar subscriptions
  • BM-12603 Fix: cal/task tab load loop on wrong login/password
  • UDL-165 Fix: reopen cal/task tab if session is expired

Mobile devices

  • BM-7010 Fix: conflict policy (server/client wins)
  • COAX-418 Fix: send error on corrupted folder hierarchy
  • Feat: introduce CircuitBreak in sync protocol. Add delay to next sync ops until sync stops throwing errors
  • WEIS-235 Fix: forward/reply from search result


  • BM-11437 Fix: better regex to autocomplete email field when adding a new resource
  • BM-12142 Fix: access to user mail identities even if all are not manageable by admin


  • BM-12428 Fix: empty calendar settings after migration
  • FACTORFX-35 Fix: default contact folder not found on PST migration
  • FILEC-7: exchange-migration-tool: import of invalid orphan exception
  • FILEC-9: exchange-migration-tool: reconnect if IMAP connection is closed by server


  • BM-12430 Fix: user restore issues
  • BM-12548 Fix: restore folder with space in its name
  • BM-7158 Fix: make backup upgrade use the right versions


  • GLAG-193 Fix: prevent big memory allocation that would crash the server
  • BM-11093 Fix: prevent client lock on unexpected command end
  • BM-12357 Fix: decode issue with foldername with an accent next to a &


  • BM-12408 Fix: protect timezone registry from timezone "injection"
  • COAX-418 Fix: folder hierarchy loop
  • BM-12513 Imp: add hook for vcard directory vcard edit
  • BM-12394 Fix: do not redirect to /login/index.html when auth failed on /login/native
  • BM-12100, BM-12461, BM-12501 Imp: hazelcast services cluster configuration
  • BM-12232 Fix: better handling of overquota
  • ACMS-270 Fix: attachment issue because of vertx library limitation
  • BM-12213 Fix: validate Sieve filter criteria
  • COM-11 Fix: global sieve with a matched fileinto action

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

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